User administration

The user with role admin can manage list of users for Saltcorn site.

User roles

  • admin - The user with this role has maximum security privileges. It administrates all those settings and data of Saltcorn that available for administration though Saltcorn web interface.
  • staff - This user role for site staff members.
  • user - The role for registed users of the site.
  • public - Basically, this user role is used to indicate that a given part of the site is publicly available (to all unauthorized users). So usually users are not assigned this role. There is a life hack for the administrator. If you need to temporarily restrict access to the site for a privileged user, set up this role for him.

Password reset emails

You can enable users to request an email with a password reset link at the login prompt. If you enable this, you will also be able to send a password reset email from the user administration page.

To enable password reset emails, you must do change these configurations:

  • Set email settings in the configuration page. This involves setting the parameters for connecting to an SMTP server so emails can be sent.
  • Set the "allow password reset" configuration to true.

If there is an error sending an email, for instance if you have supplied the wrong SMTP server password, the application will crash and you will be able to see the error message in the crash log. This may give you a clue as to the configuration error.