Module store

Saltcorn has power ability to extend its functionality via:

  • Plugins (also named as Modules),
  • Themes and
  • Packs.


Modules (Plugins) extend Saltcorn with new functionality that you cannot create yourself through the user interface. They are written in the JavaScript programming language and when activated can add to a Saltcorn application:

  • Types
  • Fieldviews
  • View patterns


Themes are special type of Modules that install UI themes


Packs are collections of defined tables and views, along with the plug-ins needed to support them. You can use them to quickly get started with an application by adding bundles of functionality and then modifying it.

Whereas modules extend Saltcorn with functionality that you cannot define to the user interface, packs only replicate functionality that you could define yourself. They are only there to save you time and not to extend with new functionality.