Edit a table

Edit a table

After you create table you can edit it. 

To edit a table, you need to be logged in as a user with administrative privileges. 

Menu > Tables > You tables > 

Choose table for edit and click edit.


There you manage fields to table. You can:

  • add new fields
  • rename label for field
  • change type of field. Be carefull wth this option. Better to do it when field hasnt data.
  • set up attibutes for field
  • delete field. Be carefull wth this option. If you will detele field you will delete the data placed in this field.

More information about fields:

Note that Saltcorn always automatically adds primary key field Id when creates new table. 

You can use this field as normal field everywhere for example in Views. 

But you cannot delete Id field.

Table data

There you can:

  • see how many rows the table has.
  • edit table data (Table data > Edit)
  • export table data into CSV (Table data > Download CSV)
  • import  table data from CSV (Table data > Upload CSV)
  • disable constrains
  • recalculate stored fields
  • delete all rows. 

Views of this table

There you can manage Views for table:

  • create views
  • run views
  • edit views
  • delete views

More information about views in Creating views.

Edit table properties

Minimal roles for read and write 

These are the minimum roles needed to Read and Write to the table. 


A public blog written by a team: minimum Read role will be Public, and minimum Write will be Staff.

A to do list for the team: minimum Read role will be Staff, and minimum Write will be Staff.

Blog comments: minimum Read role will be Public, and minimum Write will be Public.

Version history 

This allows the admin to revert to a previous version of a table row.

For example if you have a public Wiki, the admin can replace the new version of the information with an previous version.
The user cannot revert to a previous version, but can edit.