Deploy to Heroku from Git repo

Status of document: early draft


1. Register login at

2. Installed nodejs 

3. Installed npm 

4. Installed git 

Let's start

1. get own copy of Saltcorn

Work Saltcorn at

2. get local copy of Saltcorn source code

git clone <your_saltcorn_repo>

cd <your_saltcorn_repo>

3. install heroku cli (depends on your OS)

Refer to

4. login to heroku

Sure that you run following commands in <your_saltcorn_repo> folder:

heroku login

5. create heroku application

heroku apps:create <your_saltcorn_repo> --region eu

replace <your_saltcorn_repo> with name of your application.

--region eu needs to deploy to heroku Europe servers. Otherwise heroku will deploy to USA servers.




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