Install on Windows 10

Installing on Windows 10 natively (that is, without WSL, Docker or a virtual machine) is straightforward: install node.js, npm install @saltcorn/cli and then run saltcorn setup followed by saltcorn serve. You will then be able to visit the address printed in the terminal. This installation does not require running PostgreSQL, as it will rely on the SQLite database which will be installed together with Saltcorn.

Here is the detailed step-by-step process:

Install node.js

Go to in your browser and download and install the LTS (long-term support) version of Node.js. Recommended version is  Node.js 14.X!

As you install it you may be asked to also install various build tools including Python, chocolatey .NET tools. You should answer yes to installing all of these extras. The process is automated, you don't have to do anything other than accept the installation.

Open command prompt.

Either type Windows key+R and then in the pop-up type "cmd" and enter, or search for "command prompt" and run that.

Install Saltcorn

in the command prompt, type:

npm install -g @saltcorn/cli

this will take a while as it installs all the dependencies including SQLite. If it concludes successfully, it should print

+ @saltcorn/[email protected]
added 520 packages from 497 contributors in 80.056s

Setup Saltcorn

in the command prompt, type:

saltcorn setup

This will simply print:

Non-linux platform, continuing development-mode install

Start the Saltcorn server

in the command prompt, type:

saltcorn serve

this will eventually print:

Saltcorn listening on

Enter this address in your browser, and you will be prompted to create the first user:

That's it, Saltcorn is now up and running. To stop the server, press Ctrl-C in the command prompt. To restart, run "saltcorn serve" again