Never and API triggers

Triggers created with the Never and the API call event types are in a certain way special.

Never triggers

A trigger can be changed to the never event type, and it will indeed stop this event from firing in response to whatever event it was set to before. This is useful if you are creating a bunch of triggers and you want to disable some of them temporarily.

Is an additional reason for creating triggers of the Never event type. These triggers will appear as options for linking actions when building the user interface. For instance, you can link a button in a table or in a view to this specific trigger. In a sense, Never triggers become elementary actions that do not need any additional configuration, from the point of view of building the user interface.

This is useful because when creating the user interface, the ability to configure actions is currently more limited for technical reasons – we simply have not figured out how to enable the block editor inside the builder, for instance. 

A second reason why this is useful is that you can reuse one action configuration in two different places. For instance, you could build a trigger with a complex configuration using blocks, that you can run from two different views.

API call triggers

Creating a trigger of the API call event type makes the chosen action available as an incoming API endpoint. The route of the API endpoint is shown in the trigger table and is based on the trigger name. You can also configure a minimum role, so this API endpoint is only accessible to users who have authenticated with a certain role.

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