Event and crash logs

Saltcorn can be configured to record events in a log where they can be inspected by the administrator. On the “Log settings” tab of the event settings, you can specify which events are to be logged. You can log every event, but this will take up disk space and slow your response time. For events that have associated tables or channels, you can choose to log only some of the events depending on the table or channel.

The event log itself can be found on the “Event log” tab of the event settings. The payload is recorded and can be seen by taking on an individual event.

Any errors that occur while serving pages or executing actions are logged in the crash log, which is accessible under the “Crash log” tab of the event settings. In addition to creating an entry in this log, on an error an Error event is emitted. You can record this in the event log, but this is not very useful as it is already logged in the crash log. You may however want to create triggers that for instance send an email to the administrator when an error occurs.