Upgrade errors

Upgrade fails with an error code

Log in with SSH and do an upgrade. Make sure you are the user running saltcorn (often this user is called saltcorn). Then run

npm install -g @saltcorn/[email protected] --unsafe

Directory not empty error during upgrade

Delete your node_modules directory (rm -rf /home/saltcorn/.local/lib/node_modules), then install again with

npm install -g @saltcorn/[email protected] --unsafe

If you are on a 1G or less machine, you may now run out of memory because you were doing a larger install off more modules. Follow the directions below and try again if you run out of memory.

Upgrade is Killed

If you try an upgrade, and it says "Killed", you are out of memory. For instance  

[email protected]:~$ npm install -g @saltcorn/[email protected] --unsafe

(#########⠂⠂⠂⠂⠂⠂⠂⠂⠂) ⠇ reify:fsevents: sill reify mark deleted [


Then you are out of memory. Free up some memory by stopping Saltcorn (as root, run systemctl stop saltcorn, then when done systemctl start saltcorn) or create a swap file by following these directions: