Wiki style guide

Write in short, active, direct sentences

  • NOT: You would then create a join table 
  • Create a join table

  • NOT: The Filter view template can be used to add a flexible filter to a page 
  • The Filter view template adds a flexible filter to a page 

When the Saltcorn programme does the action, the passive can be better 

  • An email field is inserted at the top of the new user form if 
    • an email address cannot be obtained AND
    • the new user form is enabled

Use bold for UI components 

  • View name , Template, Table

Use "select" not "click on a button" 

  • Select Save 

Avoid filler words such as

  • this means that
  • if you would like (to disable the certificate) = To disable the certificate

Use "you" not "we" to talk to Saltcorn users

  • Don't use "let's" 

  • NOT: In our example from above
  • In the example from above

Use HTML and CSS terms correctly

Use Select not drop down

You can add the words (drop down) in brackets. 

  • NOT: the user will see a drop down menu
  • the user will see a select (drop down) menu