Set up and create a web app with Saltcorn - overview

Set up Saltcorn

You have 3 options: 

  • Free hosting at saltcorn.comHosting on this site is provided for free and with no guarantee of availability or security of your application. This is just for you to evaluate the suitability of Saltcorn. 
  • Self hosting on your local machine and XXX to a web host of your choice
  • One-click install on DigitalOcean. This is a cloud install version of Saltcorn, for people who need a secure web app without using the command line. 

Create your account

You must create your first account, using an email and password, which will have admin privileges. Admin is able to define tables, views and administer users.

Create an application

  1. Activate any plug-ins that you need for datatypes and views. For example, if you want to display richly formatted text to the user, you need to activate the markdown plug-in
  2. Create your tables and their fields. You tables will define the structure of your data, and through keys, the relationships between the different tables. You define your tables under the Table menu
  3. Create your views. A view is a particular way of displaying to the user one or more rows from the database, or to ask the user to enter a new row or edit an existing row in the database. Views will be based on view templates from your plug-ins which are applied to tables you have defined.
  4. Pick your look and feel by activating a theme plug-in.

Choose Web app packs for instant functionality

Packs are bundles of pre-made tables and views that you can activate for instant functionality. If you activate a pack, you will have a working application with a single click. Data from each app is available to all the other apps directly within Saltcorn. 

Sample of packs available:

  • To do list
  • Blog
  • Address book
  • Landing page
  • Issue tracker
  • Project management
  • Wiki