Roadmap v1.0

A more detailed roadmap is available here


  • page container flexibility - increase page flexibility
  • Plugin/pack store UI update
  • builder design update
  • builder increase wysiwyg
  • modals - views can appear in pop-up dialogues
  • page scraper - page can be created by scraping URL
  • pluggable widgets - widget components of pages and views can be defined by plug-ins
  • gmail-like state form
  • multi-language apps
  • pjax/turbolinks for faster page updates


  • Views in views - views can embed other views of the same or related records
  • grid edit
  • improved filtering
  • calculated fields
  • many-to-many relations
  • user fields - users model can be extended with fields including images such as avatars
  • user ownership of rows
  • user or staff comparing and editing of row history
  • subforms with repetitions
  • reports


  • Actions
  • Scheduler
  • Editable workflows

Data Science

  • predict missing fields
  • clustering
  • anomaly detection
  • metrics


  • user can change own password
  • recover forgotten password with email
  • automated security checks in CI
  • identity and two-factor authentication providers in plug-ins
  • i18n: builder, DB errors, from plugin
  • caching metadata for performance
  • sending email with views
  • setup: nginx, systemd, more OSs
  • digitalocean marketplace
  • enforcing permission lattice
  • Admin can perform consistency check of build


  • Calendar
  • Flash cards
  • Comment tree
  • Grid edit
  • Carousel slider
  • Questionnaire wizard
  • Zapier/integromat API integration
  • Social media embeds
  • Query result stepper
  • Gantt chart
  • Tree table
  • Forum / Disqus comments for wiki / blog posts


  • Folders (to organise assets) 
  • Folders permissions (e.g. all website icons and logos must be public, so make anything that goes into that folder automatically public)