Introduction to Multitenancy

One of the amazing features of Saltcorn is multitenancy.

From a single hosting you can run a few Saltcorn sites. 

Switch to Multitenancy mode

  1. Assumption: You have installed Saltcorn using instruction Install on Ubuntu

  2. To switch to multitenancy mode you need to logon to your server as a Saltcorn user.

If you was root user before:

su - saltcorn 
  • Go to ~./.config folder and backup your .saltcorn file. This is the main config of your installation.
cd ~./.config
cp .saltcorn .saltcorn.original
  • Open the file
  • Find multi_tenant variable and set it to true.
  • Return to root user and restart Saltcorn service
systemctl restart saltcorn
  • Check the service status
systemctl status saltcorn
  • To create a new tenant

Go to your saltcorn url, e.g. and follow the instructions.