Creating an application - overview

Before you can create an application, you need to have Saltcorn set up somewhere, either through self hosting or through the free hosting at We also assume that you have created your first account which will have administrative privileges, meaning that it is able to define tables, views and administer users.

Creating an application consists of the steps:

  • Activate any plug-ins that you need for datatypes and views. For instance, if you want to display richly formatted text to the user, you need to activate the markdown plug-in
  • Create your tables and their fields. You tables will define the structure of your data, and through keys, the relationships between the different tables. You define your tables under the Table menu
  • Create your views. A view is a particular way of displaying to the user one or more rows from the database, or to ask the user to enter a new row or edit an existing row in the database. Views will be based on view templates from your plug-ins which are applied to tables you have defined.
  • Pick your look and feel by activating a theme plug-in.

But there is a shortcut! Packs are bundles of premade tables and views that you can activate for instant functionality. If you activate a pack, you will have a working application with a single click!