DigitalOcean One-click install

Install Saltcorn in one click from the DigitalOcean marketplace. This is the easiest way to get a production Saltcorn installation up and running without using the command line. 

Create a DigitalOcean account

Use the Saltcorn referral link to get $100 credit, and support Saltcorn in the long run. 

Navigate to the Saltcorn app on the marketplace, or create a droplet selecting the Saltcorn app from the marketplace:

  • Specify the resources allocated to your droplet. (Think of a droplet as a virtual hard drive). A basic shared CPU with 1GB RAM at $5 per month is sufficient for small number of users.
  • Choose a datacenter region that is geographically close to you and your users. S
  • Specify an authentication method for accessing your droplets commandline. Either SSH keys, or Root  password, make sure it is sufficiently long and complex.
  • Visit the droplet IP address in your browser:

You should be directed to create the first user, who will have administrative privileges. The first thing you should do on the welcome screen is to update Saltcorn. Go to Settings-> Admin and click the upgrade button next to the Saltcorn version number. Upgrading may take half a minute or more; when done, as directed press the back button and then reload and you should see the new Saltcorn version number.

To associate a domain name with your new Saltcorn instance, you first need to register the domain name and then associate its DNS entry. I use Namecheap and the appropriate settings under "Advanced DNS" are shown below. Alternatively, you can use the DigitalOcean DNS service to control your domain name.

Finally, you should enable an SSL certificate for using HTTPS traffic. 

Make sure that you upgrade Saltcorn in the Settings > Admin

Then select Enable LetsEncrypt HTTPS